The Best Cannabis Strains to Grow If You Have Sleep Disorders

People smoke cannabis for various reasons. While some try to relieve their pain, others believe that it can improve the quality of sleep. Of course, millions of people use cannabis for recreational purposes, but one can’t deny the medicinal effects of this wonderful herb. From Rick Simpson – the man who made his own CBD oil to cure his skin cancer – to Charlotte Figi – a little girl in Colorado that used CBD oil to treat her epilepsy – cannabis has helped scores of survivors and many of them lived to tell their tale.

Cannabis can help you with many diseases, but it can also help with sleep disorders as well. But what are the best led grow lights? Depending on the strain you choose, you can treat several problems, but there are a few things to consider. First off, determine why you can’t sleep. If you’re an avid cannabis smoker, high THC strains may also keep you up for a long time. Also, cut down on those Sativas that make you super high. Since Sativas can induce more psychoactive effects, you may find it a tad tough to sleep.

You can also try consuming cannabis if smoking isn’t working because the effects of edibles tend to last longer than smoking. Try changing the strain you’re smoking to understand if another strain is better for you. Also, cured and aged cannabis is way better than fresh bud, so start hunting for good dealers or dispensaries that stock cannabis with a lot of CBN in it.

If nothing’s helping, try growing these strains to see if there’s any effect on your sleep pattern:

  • Skywalker

Skywalker is an indica-dominant strain that has a lot of sedative properties. Although the THC is high, you’re not going to feel unfocused or clueless if you smoke this strain. Packed with a great taste and wonderful aroma, the Skywalker is pretty famous for making users hit their beds early. As the plant tends to grow bushy, it’s simply perfect for your indoor grows.

  • Tahoe OG Kush

Tired of rolling around on your bed all night? Then try the Tahoe OG Kush! Don’t smoke this strain when you’re about to head out because it can make you lazy. As an indica-dominant strain, the Tahoe OG Kush is perfect for anyone looking to drift into a dreamless sleep. It relaxes your muscles and you’ll feel sleepy and unable to do much else, so try the strain only at night.

  • Afghan Kush

Yet another strain from the Kush family, the Afghan Kush can relieve pain and let your mind relax. By calming the thoughts that rush through your brain, this strain is also capable of making you sleep like a baby. Famous for its sleep-inducing mechanisms, many people depend on the Afghan Kush to relieve insomnia.

  • Ogre

The Ogre is another Indica-dominant strain that can knock you out. Again, remember not to use this in the morning since you can feel hazy after smoking the bud. Wonderfully citrusy, the Ogre can you give you a fresh taste that can make you want more. Ogre also has a high THC content, but thanks to its pain relieving properties, you can smoke a tiny bit and relax for a long while.

If you’re wondering as to how you can even think of growing these strains, then don’t worry! Growing marijuana indoors is not as tough as it seems. If you start today, you’ll have enough experience within just six months to figure it all out. With some of the best LED Grow lights, soil and fertilizers to suit your plant’s needs, you can really harvest a lot more than you can imagine.

The Future Of Tiny Houses

In our society, the sizes of homes are the status symbol and always linked to success and prosperity. The bigger your home, the better it is. But recently many people are shifting towards the so-called unconventional style of living which is a tiny house. The choice of building tiny home has become a niche by itself. In the recent years, small dwellings attracted a significant amount of attention, and the numbers of people willing to invest in tiny homes are increasing.

What is a tiny house, exactly?

Teen builds a Tiny House
Sicily Kolbeck and her mom Susannah Kolbeck
819 Manning Way, Marietta, GA
ph: E. M. Pio Roda / CNN

A tiny house is a home that is less than 400 to 500 square feet in area; it can be as small as 200 or 100 square feet as well. Basically, it is a tiny space where you create a beautiful living for you and your family. Though space is very less, designers employ hyper-efficient design, large windows, high ceilings, micro appliances, open floor plans and double duty furniture for better results. All this contributes to the illusion of an ample space. Some tiny houses are even built on wheels and are hooked up to trailers so that the ones who live inside can travel from one place to another easily. These days, tiny houses are even built by the inhabitants, but there are professional built houses as well.

The tiny houses for sale in nc are affordable, environmentally friendly and light in your pocket and it solves the urban sprawl issues and the lack of land, etc. It is indeed an out of the box solution to the severe housing issues. Not only you can escape from getting into massive debt out of house mortgages, but it also helps you to live a simpler life.

Benefits of tiny houses

Tiny home construction is relatively an easy task when compared to building traditional houses. The construction involves very less raw materials and waste, and it is excellent for people who want to take low impact environmental choices. Less maintenance and low costs involved is a good thing for first-time homeowners. Increased mobility for tiny homes on wheels is also exciting.

How did the tiny house concept get so big?

Let’s talk about how the tiny house movement evolved and how it became so big. An average men or women spend more than one-third of their income on building houses, and this is equal to the major sacrifice of their life. Housing implies mortgages, debts, etc., and most of them, cannot afford to spend that much. Moreover, it is tough to find affordable housing, and rental rate is rising at an unprecedented level.

For most of the people, moving to tiny houses is a matter of budget, but others want to settle in small living space due to the convenience and smaller footprint.

The future

Though tiny houses are perfect for countryside and towns, we are unaware of the take of cities about the tiny home movement. No city has labeled them as tiny home friendly yet. This literally means there are no tiny home neighborhoods, rules laws and ordinances governing the construction of tiny homes. If you own a tiny house and drive it to a new city, it might not be easy to find a place to put it. Yes, it is possible to place your house on a campground and hang out there as campers do. However, it is not possible to integrate into a city community if you are a tiny homeowner. But it doesn’t mean that there is no light at all, on the other end. There are tiny home associates and tiny home realtors who work towards making it easy for tiny home owners.


The most significant impact of tiny house movement is that it helped to glamourize and legitimize housing in small spaces. It has successfully accomplished upgrading the image of small homes from that of a camp or shack living. It has also led to the increased willingness of municipalities to consider an alternative source of affordable houses.