4 reasons why having a good sleep at night is so important

Sleep has a significant effect on your daily performance and health. As an adult, you must sleep more than 7 hours every day. Otherwise, you will have different health issues. Here are the main reasons why sleep is so important.

Physical appearance

If you sleep well, your skin will improve. There won’t be any dark circles under your eyes. If you don’t sleep enough, you will get overweight which might lead to obesity.

Mental health

A good night’s sleep can reduce your stress levels and prepare you for the next day. You will feel energized and refreshed. It can also help to fight depression.

Fight illnesses

Good sleep can improve your immune system. So, you will have less chance of having a cold or flu. It can reduce the sugar level of diabetic patients. Good sleep can also reduce the chance of strokes or heart attacks.

Improve productivity

If you have good sleep at night, you will have better concentration at work. You will be able to solve problems well and take good decisions. Your productivity at work will increase. If you sleep well you will be able to come up with creative ideas as well.

A good night’s sleep has several benefits. After a hard day’s work, you should make sure that you have the right environment to fall asleep. At night, you should try to avoid any kind of distractions that may affect your sleep. Sleep can affect you both physically and mentally. So, sleeping well is essential to lead a healthy life.

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Why are people struggling to fall asleep?

You will find many people today complaining about not being able to sleep at night properly. As people are busier now with their work, family, and kids, they find it difficult to have a sound sleep. There are many underlying reasons for now being able to sleep. Here are some of the reasons.

Not having proper environment

You should have a good environment for sleeping. If there are lots of outside noises or inappropriate room temperature then you will find it difficult to fall asleep. Things like your mattress, pillows and bed sheets also affect your sleep.

Stress and depression

If you have an important event the next day or have works pending then you may find it hard to sleep due to anxiety or stress. If you suffer from depression, then also you will find it very difficult to sleep.

Your partner

Your sleeping partner may be snoring or have the habit of talking during sleep or sleepwalking. All these can affect your sleep. In such case, you should help your partner to reduce these sleeping complications.


Certain medications may prevent people from having a good sleep. Antidepressants, corticosteroids, medicines for high blood pressure, etc. may disrupt your sleep.

Medical illness

Those who are suffering from asthma, hyperthyroidism, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, etc. may find it difficult to fall asleep. Those who suffer from chronic pain also cannot sleep well.

You should try to reduce your stress level so that you can sleep well at night. You must keep electronic gadgets away from you when you go to bed. You should make your bed comfortable with a good mattress and pillow so that you can fall asleep easily. If you have medical conditions that are depriving you of a good night’s sleep then you can consult a doctor.

How to fall asleep in 5 simple steps?

If you are among those unlucky ones who find it hard to sleep quickly, then you would know how difficult it can be to wake up early in the morning and go to work. Here are some suggestions on how you can fall asleep quickly.

Avoid caffeine and wine

Though caffeine may energize you and make you feel refreshed, it is best to avoid it in the afternoon or evening. You should also avoid drinking wine at dinner. These may deprive you of having a good night’s sleep.

Prepare your bedroom for sleeping

You should make the bedroom environment suitable for sleeping. Before you go to bed you should make sure that all the lights are off. Your room temperature should be cooler than the room temperature. It will help you to fall asleep. You can play natural sounds, like the sound of waves or listen to soft music to let your mind cool down and ignore all those noises outside.

Avoid distractions

You shouldn’t take any electronic gadgets to your bed. Whether it’s mobile, tablet or laptop, all these are distractions and won’t let you fall asleep. If you are very stressed then you may read a book or write a journal to reduce your stress before sleep.

Prepare your bed

The importance of good mattress cannot be stressed more. A good mattress is essential for a good night’s sleep. You should invest in a good mattress. Your mattress shouldn’t be too hard or too soft; it should be just right so that it doesn’t affect your spinal health. You should use good pillows so that it doesn’t hamper your sleep.

Sleeping position

Many people suffer from sleep apnea. In such case, you should try to sleep on your back. It will open up your airways and help you to sleep. For severe cases of sleep apnea, you should go to a doctor.

If you maintain all these things then you will see that you are falling asleep within 5 minutes. You should go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. That way your sleeping cycle will be maintained well and your body will get adjusted to it.